24 / 7 / 365
24 / 7 / 365

Access your digital data card 24/7/365 and NEVER be without your business card and Digital Identity


Connect to sales, marketing, social and multimedia links at the touch of a button – make it easier for people to pass your details to others and generate more leads.


Update content on your digital data card in Real-Time – measure your hit rate and improve your SEO performance of your website – so even your website ranks better online!


Use your Digital Identity to communicate products, prices, and promotions and do business from one place!


Save contacts seamlessly and automatically into your mobile contact base at the touch of a button


Track your performance and receive great integrated analytics and reporting for your company, branch, department and individuals.

How Does it Grow Your Business and your profile?

Instant networking and powerful referrals or affiliate marketing are the keys to any successful business. But business management takes time and money. With your digital data card, your online marketing campaigns, social media posts, or news about your products and services will reach more people, quicker.

An all-in-one marketing solution from your digital business card?

Your digital business card gives you instant access to all the essential tools used for growing your business giving you and your clients secure and convenient 24/7 to your digital business card. Have you ever wondered what happens to your business card once you have handed them to your customers? Wouldn’t it be great to know if people are using your card? Saving your contact details? Sharing your card with others? And what information their interested in?

With your digital data card, you can see:

  • How many people have actually viewed, used or shared your digital business card
  • How many people are saving your contact details
  • Who is sharing your card and in some cases you can see who they are sharing your card with
  • What information people are interested in and how they want to connect with you

Build your brand and your business by making it easier for your clients to connect with you and having all the information you want to share conveniently available in one place – from your business card! Cutting edge technologies used in your digital data card is a vital tool in today’s connected world. Don’t miss out on all the potential opportunities your business can achieve. Enhance your connectivity today and build your brand in an instant!