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Why should you have a digital data card?

So often we give out paper cards, not knowing what happens to them after they have been received, with your digital business card, your current and prospective clients can easily save your details to their mobile device and keep updated with what you have to offer. Never be caught without a business card again, stored in the cloud and available 24/7 on your mobile phone or nearly any digital device.

Features include:

  • Create a personalised interactive experience for your clients
  • Measure the degree of customer engagement and see who in your team is networking
  • Always online anywhere in the world 24 / 7
  • Generate new follow up leads from your card
  • Track who is receiving or using card and whether your Digital business Card has been passed onto someone else
  • Boost your brand equity
  • Initiate cost savings
  • All your social media in one place
  • Updates instantly, when your card is opened by the receiver – even if you change your contact details or a staff member, even if you have thousands of clients or contact with your card, they can all be simply and easily updated new information anytime!
  • Analyze which links are being accessed the most often and adjust your digital marketing strategy accordingly
  • Creating multiple touch points for your clients to engage with
  • Transfer details of one employees / agents to a new employee / agent, to maintain continuity of company details with your clients
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows devices (Phones or Tablets)
  • Compatible with PC’s and Macs
  • Can be saved as a link on your computer’s email signature
  • Detailed email signatures can be created (an optional extra)

Not an App & Why:

  • The digital business card is NOT an app. It is a web based platform, which is always live.
  • Business do not like apps (unless developed by themselves for themselves), as these tend to be less secure, are easily compromised and can be manipulated by dishonest individuals.
  • We do not request access to your contacts list.
  • We do not mine your data.
  • Customers cannot create or edit our cards (all edits are only done by our staff upon your written request)
  • The servers used are encrypted and have multiple layers of security and back-up protocols
  • In addition to everything above, an automated monthly report is generated showing the analytics and statistics of the previous period. This report can be sent to an administrator of your account or to the individual employees.
  • Add hoc reports can also be requested for a specific date range by emailing your request.
  • The report can be exported in csv format and imported into other software platforms for further analysis. As time progresses the quantity of data you have to work with and analyse becomes greater, thereby creating a large database of information which the business or card owner can study and use.

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